Candice Andrews

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Candice has over 12 years of coaching experience. When she opened the school her goal was to teach dance through physical, creative and intellectual viewpoints, giving students the opportunity to discovers all aspect of dance, historically, biologically and technically by following a structured syllabus in a fun & welcoming environment. While meeting and exceeding the standards set by IDTA and other national dance standards in education such as Sports Leaders UK, and Acrobatic Arts. Overall, teaching dance by developing body awareness, expression, motivation and a passion for dance.


Arts Educational School Tring Park

Desert Mountain Dance Arizona - Diploma in  Dance & Art

NCSSC Cheering Coach - Levels 1 - 4

BGU Pom and Jazz Dance qualification 

Sports Leadership in Dance Level 4

UK Sports Leadership Tutor

Acro Arts Teaching Qualification

Child Behaviour - Level 3 Diploma

Pilates Trainer - Professional Diploma

Youth of Bettws - Dance Program Developer

Former CCA Cheer & Dance - Coach & Choreographer

Judging - CheerSport Wales