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Your travel Size

Please let us know who will be coming on your trip. Including your athlete.

Number of people in your booking

Thank you!

We have booked villas for everyone to stay in from July 1st - July 6th

The villas are located close to the Disney area and ESPN. Having everyone together, allows us to ensure that all athletes are available for training, group events as well as building our community with athletes and families. 

The villas sleep up to 28 people. Once we have your party size and deposit we will allocate you a villa. These will be allocated by AZ Elite. 

The villas have a community area with a large swimming and bbq areas, games room, gym, bar, and tennis courts. 

Each villa has a private swimming pool, games area, two - three large living areas, kitchen, 6 - 8 bathrooms and 9 - 12 bedrooms. Laundry room.

Total cost per person staying in the villas will be £145 per person for the duration of your stay.


Payment for Villas:


A deposit of £72.50 is required  per person in your party. Once we have both your travel size form as well as your deposit / full payment we will allocate you a villa. Payments need to be made ( deposits per person ) by September 1st 2023. 

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