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AZ is a cheerleading and dance organization supporting Cardiff and the surrounding areas!

AZ was founded by Candice in 2015, after moving to Cardiff from Arizona, USA. The goal was to bring a little bit of Arizona to Cardiff and help grow cheer and dance industry in Wales. And so AZ was born! All our team names, colors and themes are based on Arizona, its towns, culture and desert vibes!

At AZ We provide a safe and fun environment for all our athletes in both cheer and dance, allowing them to build upon their special talents, while bringing them together for intensive teamwork. Being able to support each athlete in their personal development is our number one priority. 

Our AZ gym is the heart of all our programs. Our fully equipped gym consists of a seven and nine-panel sprung floor. One full-size sprung Marley dance floor, a yoga studio, Pro shop, stretch zones, changing facilities and hang-out hubs. 

Our programs of a high standard of coaching with highly experienced coaches within their fields. Whether you are looking for recreational classes or teams in both Allstar or elite dance, or you want to develop your skills in our tumble development 10 week courses. From ages 3+ we have something for you!

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At AZ Elite, we strive to develop confident and successful athletes who embody strong character and a passion for the sport. Our approach emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and accountability, all while providing a fun, safe, and professional environment for skill-building. Join us today and become a part of our community of dedicated cheerleaders!

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